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Have you ever thought, "If more people knew about my company, I’d be a rich?" If so, you were right. You just need help "getting the word out," without breaking the bank..

We can help. We understand that a web site is just a page on the world wide web… it doesn’t help bring you new business unless it is seen by thousands of potential customers. So once you have a web site… then what?

Let us build or empower your site today. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • We use years of experience to ensure that you are not "lost" among the billions of  websites on the web.
  • We use the latest RSS tools within your site. Allowing you to submit content frequently.
  • We create your site using extensive search engine optimization, not as an afterthought, but as the focus of the work we do for you.
  • We utilize a built in links system so other sites can link to you efficiently.
  • Our low monthly subscription, coupled with our low cost dedicated hosting, ensures that your site stays competitive and succeeds with frequent updates.
  • We work with you to create a new streams of income.
  • We can optimize any E – Commerce shopping cart system and show you how to save money for online transactions.
  • We can allow you to use our special news publication system to always keep your site fresh with new content, if you can write about your products and services we can drive you to the top of the search engines in no time.
  • Specific details, such as: Site navigation, inter connectivity, user friendliness, existing search engine placement, (if re engineering), are all taken into consideration from the beginning.
  • Access and edit your site from your web browser if you’re the independent type.

Finding Your Place on the Web

Finding Your Place on the Web
Before you begin to think about the kind of site you’re going to build (either for yourself or for your organization), you should consider each of the following questions carefully.

    Doing so can help you target your site to an appropriate audience and prepare yourself for the work ahead.

Consider your content:

What is the content going to be on your site? Is it unique?

How often will you be updating this content?

Are there any other sites that already do what you want to do? If so, how will you differentiate your site?
Consider the early explosion of sites during the dot-com boom. At one point, more than five pet sites were all trying to hawk their wares to users. Only one survived, and that was because it was a traditional retailer first. Market saturation is a sure way to spell doom for your venture, so be sure to check out the competition first!

Select a format and interface:

In what formats will your content be delivered? Will you just use text and graphics, or will you also need animation and/or forms that respond to user input?

Know your audience:

What audience or audiences are you trying to reach with this content?

Do they need or want it?

Is there any other place they can get this content already?

What are the demographics and technical capabilities of this audience?

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Practical Uses for RSS in Business

Almost ANY web based content can be transformed into an RSS feed. The only real requirement is that the information changes regularly.

Use Your Own Content
Almost ANY web based content can be transformed into an RSS feed. The only real requirement is that the information changes regularly.

News Headlines
Typically, the main use of RSS is to present headlines and a short introduction to "newsy" stories. Create an RSS feed on your site featuring your company press releases, site updates, etc.

Are you wondering what you can use RSS for right now? Here are some practical examples of RSS at work.

Upcoming Events
RSS is a great way to let people know of events and activities that may be happening soon. It's easy to turn an "events" page into an RSS feed.

You've probably heard of the term "blog" or "weblog". It's a page that displays (in chronological order) a series of writings on whatever the author wants to write about. While a normal blog also allows others to add their comments to yours, you don't have to offer that functionality.

Set up a page where you regularly add your thoughts on all sorts of issues – or just one issue – with the most recent post at the top of the page. Include these items in an RSS feed, and you've got a whole new audience for your pearls of wisdom.

Share your knowledge. This is a more "formal" type of writing, where you write a series of articles on a specific topic. Add a new article on that topic every week or so. Set up several topics and you've got several new RSS feeds to attract even more interest in what you know.

Don't forget to include a resource box in the article which allows others to reproduce your article on their site, with an obvious link back to you.

New Products
Got an online store with new inventory added regularly? Add details about your newly added items to an RSS feed to let people know what's just come in.

Weekly/Monthly Specials
Do you regularly make special offers on different products in your inventory? Again, RSS is a great way to tell people what's on special this week… or this month.

If you regularly produce an email newsletter, then consider converting it to RSS format as well as continuing to email it. After all, your newsletters ARE also shown on your web site… aren't they?

New Links
If you have a links directory, considering creating an RSS feed of the new links added to your directory in the last week or so. If you have a category structure within that directory, with links added often, you can create a feed for each category.

New Members
Do you run a public membership site? Recently joined members could be listed in an RSS feed with links direct to their profiles. What a great way to welcome new members!

Note: Aim to have up to 15-20 items in each feed if possible. You can have more items if you want. Just remember that most feed reading software will NOT display all the items. Many may only show the first 5 or 10.

Once you've got your feed going… remember to submit your feed URLs to the various RSS Feed Directories.

Serious Flaws with Free Website Builders

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably wondered about doing it yourself, rather than spending the time learning to code – or spending the money to hire a professional developer.

Serious Flaws with Free Website Builders

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably wondered about doing it yourself, rather than spending the time learning to "code" or spending the money to hire a professional developer.

  • FREE is never really FREE! If you ever want to do anything cool or upgraded for your website you have got to pay.
  • Most of the time your website will have an Advertisement for FREE WEBSITES in the footer and that just makes your whole company look cheap
  • If you ever leave their services you lose everything!
  • Some  tools limit your ability to increase your traffic using SEO methods that are highly important.
  • You will pay for more pages, bells and whistles. While this is a common practice in the web design world there’s no reason why you should pay for more pages when you’re the one developing them and adding all of the content yourself. You’re Paying them so that YOU can do all of the work? That’s not right!
  • Some of these sites also SPAM your customers. So let’s say they come to you to buy one of your products. Well, for the next few days or weeks all of the ads on any other website they visit will present your competitors to them… This is spamming your customers. You can lose revenue very quickly.
  • You are more than likely going to still need some sort of photoshop editor to get your logo designed the correct size and to re-size (web optimize) all of your images

None of these free website builder hide the fact that you can upgrade to premium accounts and pay for all sorts of features… but they forget to tell you that you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars over the year and if anything happens where you want to leave them you will lose it all. Not one bit of your investment belongs to you! That is HUGE!

When all of this said  is there ever a time when a FREE website is a good thing? Yes. I’m sure that sounds weird coming from a "web design company" but it’s true. If you’re a non-profit struggling to raise funds, If you’re an artist just trying to be known. If you are a total grass roots effort trying to save every penny possible to make your dreams come true, a free website might serve its purpose, but remember that if you’re needing search engines to find you and you’re going to rely heavily on SEO then you’ll need to invest in either being trained how to handle your SEO or Social Media Marketing when using one of these "free sites". They are quite limiting and you might just learn at that point how valuable a custom-made website can be for your organization or business.

Our best suggestion is to find a web company like ours that will help Non-Profits with a discount, or raise the money in one of your first fundraiser events to build a dynamic website that brings legitimacy and even more avenues to your group to help with revenue or sales. You get what you pay for, nothing is truly "free" That couldn’t be more true with websites.